Monday, February 28, 2011


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

cutting it out!

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I just got a bit creative. I'm not into writing really. I figured out why focus on my skills instead forcing my hands into writing. And from now on, I am cutting it out. It's all about cut outs.

I will not be writing my thoughts but I am cutting it through pictures. 
So, welcome to my new blog.
And ohe!
Cut yourself out!=)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

God answered all my prayers...=)

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2 words, 8 letters: THANK YOU
God, Immaculate Concepcion for granting my prayers
Family for the support, love
School for molding since the start
Friends for being good companions
and Jude for everything and for always being there.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I believe!

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It's hell of a week. I got nightmares, dreams... or must these be premonitions? I hope so. But tomorrow, everything of these will end already. All questions will be asked. The dreams, nightmares will be clarified. Will it remain as nightmare, dream or is it really a premonition.

But the nervousness continues to haunt me even at this very last day. I know there's nothing to worry about because I control nothing. It's all up to God's plan. Whatever will be the result tomorrow, He always has a plan for me.

I am almost done with my novena, today is my 8th day and tomorrow will be the 9th and will be the day. I don't know but I just could not explain what I am really feeling right now. I mean this is my future. I've dedicated my whole 4 years for this. I know I did everything back then during the review and the actual board exam. But still there are so many "what ifs" and "if only" rumbling inside my mind.

But tomorrow is indeed the day. In fact, I deactivated my facebook to lessen my anxiety. That way my batchmates and friends would forget me for the meantime. Because what I was thinking is they might look for my name too. And the pressure it could give me is too much.

I guess I will just have to trust the Lord. I believe. Amen!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tangled in valentines=)

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This post is kinda late. So I'll just pretend that it's still valentines. Bear with me please, I need readers. Thanks for that. Here it goes.

I've been waiting for this day to come.
The day when I could witness the most romantic date of the year.
The time I wish I could stop just to feel the love.
The persons whom I'll spend the joy, happiness and love with - my family, friends.
The Man whom I deeply love and who will spend it with me.
The Almighty Jesus who's given me all these and the life to celebrate this day.

Too much of the cliches already, I'll get back to business.
Indeed, it was a very memorable one. We added a twist, a little bit of tangled.
If you have seen the scene during the floating of lanterns.
That was the exact lantern we used-not just 3d but it was for real.
Just imagine how romantic it would be.

The other thing here is that my friends and I lighted it at a top view.
Above is a picture of my bf at high ridge Cagayan de Oro City.
If you can see the lights 
(you might have thought those as lanterns. but it's just the city's view at the top).

The pictures are amazing but it surely is different when you witness the whole Lantern tangled thing.
Letting it fly
Following it from a distance
Wondering how far it could go
Asking where it will end
Will it fall back
Will it just disappear instantly
No one could ever know

As long as you are beside me,
I don't need answers
I only need you
It does not have to be Valentines day
to say that I LOVE YOU

Like the lantern, together we will light our hearts
with our burning love deep within it,
let it flew, 
guide us to places now matter how far we could go
as long as we will end it together
and we always know that we will be there for each other.
Our Destiny

Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will... Fate... Destiny... 
Rapunzel   (Tangled (2010) )

second hand introduction

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This is weird but I am supposed to be posting this first just like everyone's blog. Guess I was driven by my id and all that was in my mind the time I created this account was posting, posting and a lot of posting. It really did not matter as to what I am posting as long as there are already blogs posted in these account. Blogging seems to be like a competition for me. Others already have their blogs and then should I.

These always motivate me. Someone is already ahead of me and then should I. But by the time I am almost there, I just stopped. I did not even imagined or weighed the effort I had on getting there. Uhm... This is supposed to be an introduction but I think everything in here is not it. Anyway, the thing here is I am not really into this stuff. Blogging?urgh.. So not me. But then, why am I still doing this. Well, this was not the real plan. My plan was I joined lookbook. And to get more karmas, I need to have a blog where to post it. And I so envy those girls whose karma already reached to thousands.

And then I saw this girl in lookbook. I'll just call her under the name of Case Presentation. Well, I am not really have something against her. In fact, I envy her. We're just in the same country, even in the same province, I guess. Plus, she also has a blog, and it's just been a while and she's so popular wherever she is. She is already featured in a lot of magazines. She even has customers from the showbusiness world. And I so envy her. I always like to be known of what I can do, I do and I am doing. She is a year younger than me and I can say she is already a very successful. If you read this, sorry if I am so envious. Looking at the bright side, this could be an inspiration for me. That success can be grasped by anyone no matter how young are you, poor or whatever.

So back to my topic... I still could not think of any theme for this blog. Or maybe I should just stick to my blogspot title, "Germz of Generality." No theme, all general, everything under the sun. And to be specific all about my life. 

So this is it. Welcome to my blog and to my life. You are just in the first pages of it and I am sure there are still more to come. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

it was; ...and then; "isang tanong; dalawang sagot..." ????

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it was last nyt when tm network connection was finally fixed and tm unli was back for use.
it was lyk d happiest time coz we do not have to count the number of txt we sent. everything was just so unlimited.

...and then we're thinking of ways on how to consume it.
...and then we figured something like a game and i named it, "Isang tanong, dalawang sagot." 1 question for the both of us. & we took turns on asking:

G: What's the worst thing you ever did to a girl?(then vice versa) but since J had not done any so I had to rephrase it and changed worst into best....hahah funny.
J: What's the sweetest thing you did for a guy?(vice versa)
G: What's the sweetest thing done for you? 
G: If you are given a chance a to be a pet, what would it be and why?

...and we both had the same answer -> dog

J: (for the finale) Sa imo nahan about me? why man sugot ko nmo? the exact words he used.hehe sweet!

tnx to unli promos & we could keep in touch while not seeing each other. guess that's the essence of having a relationship. it's not always about the times wen we're together. it's how we keep in touch and stay together no matter we're millions away from each other....hehe (pwde na mahimo ug quote?)hehe
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