Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 2: Productive Start of the month of February

Posted by germz at 1:13 PM
Goodmorning and Hello February 1. I should have posted this hours ago or a day ago but I got busy with the articles.

Anyways, I am happy to finally start the month productively. I have finished all the keywords for the day in my online article writing job. The problem is my later's keywords if I still have the energy left since I think I have used up for the last hours of Jan 31 until today.

January was not really a good month for me. I was not able to balance my travel and work resulting to a half salary deduction. Ouch! And so I just imagined right now the stuffs I should have spent for that deduction. Super Sayang.

So as I am about to withdraw my half month salary, I see to it to abstain from all the unnecessary impulsive buys. Let the month of January be my lesson of consequences that every action has its own consequence like just what happened to my work.

Later, I'll be buying stuffs for my room, snacks and no fashion clothes. I promise that. I have already listed the things on my planner hopefully nothing will be added along the way.hihi

So that's all. I need to get rest now.

Goodnight everyone.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 1: 10-minute Call

Posted by germz at 9:54 AM
January 30, 2011

This marks my Day 1 being a Solo Flight becasue early in the morning my bf already flew to Manila for his training.

While I remain behind bars in my room doing online works and blogging works. Honestly, I am a bit busy today so I have not actually felt the sadness and loneliness besides it is still the first day. Then, also as I have mentioned from my previous post, I already bought my own domain so it is something that has kept me busy configuring stuffs the whole day.

But I did actually want to go somewhere just to eat snacks like street food in divisoria. And my ever supportive and right away companion is no one else but my bf. What I did is just bought some cookies from our canteen and ate it in my room. :-(

Then I suddenly received a text message to turn on my other phone with sun sim. It was bat empty and so I needed to charge it first.

As I entitled this post, 10-minute call, a call that was like forever. We used every second to talk about everything-his first day, in plane while I as well with my new domain and stuffs done during the day.

It sounds like an obligation right? The both of us talking about what we did the whole day but it's not like that. We have the curiosity and sincerity to know each other's whereabouts just to know that everything is ok.

So far. So good. First day is ok.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last Date For The Next 3-4 Months

Posted by germz at 7:12 AM
Today or should I say a while ago was our last date for the next 3-4 months for he'll be flying the 9am flight tomorrow going to Manila for work purposes.

As much as I want to go and spend the next days with him, it is now time for me to accept things that not everytime we can be together. Work is the top one for that.

Although the advantage in my case for having a job online since I can't find a job as a nurse, for him it is not. My work schedule is flexible while his will be not anymore because hopefully this will already be his permanent job. That's why I keep asking myself as to when can I finally land a normal job where I can be busy and stay away from home and to keep myself busy as well from the "dramas" and "missing each day moments."

Anyway, I just can't allow myself from this so a while ago as I have said and will say again was our last date for the next 3-4 months. Together we heard mass (again, I was late), ate lunch with his family and stayed and cherished the last hours at his home. We watched DVD city hunter (I sound like promoting the DVD, I'll just make another post for this), surfed the net and ate a very special snack macaroni made by his mother. We had to do such bonding because I can't come tomorrow and accompany him at the airport.:-(

On the other hand because I so love the timeline (I know a lot will disagree), I decided to make a cover photo to be posted for the next 3-4 months. I know it's cliche but I am just like this. I put my feelings into photoshop editing along with the lettering.

The picture were us hours after hearing the mass. We decided to go out ahead from his family but realized the sun was so painful to stay inside the pick-up. So we stayed at that place. That was at the parking lot but with the shade. We had nothing to do apart from telling endless stories, make fun and just hang around, we took shots at the place and our shoes. I did not expect to end up such. Thanks to photoshop, everything came out beautiful.

This is another shot. I am not really a good photographer neither a DSLR, I do not have. What I can only brag is my photoshop skill which is also something I could be proud of.

So, that's it. I'll totally miss him for the next 3-4 months which includes--3 monthsaries, Valentine's Day, Kaamulan Festival, Siargao plan to go along with his brother, rafting and zipline with my balikbayan barkada.

So sad, we will miss a lot of stuffs.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

When Godaddy Go Strict!

Posted by germz at 6:37 AM
January 28, 2011

I don't exactly know the feeling when daddies go strict but I think I am already getting a hint of it.

Godaddy just can't understand my need to use coupons to save myself even from a couple of pennies because I have decided to finally buy myself my own domain. Though the ".com" is already on sale like from $12 to $9, I found some coupons from the internet for a bargain of getting it a little lower up to $5, however the problem is Paypal will be eliminated among the choices for payment methods.

It was my first time to buy such so I really did not have any idea on how. I even panic because Paypal is my only way to buy my own domain.

Anyway, I am darn pretty excited with the outcome. As they say, 0-36 hours is expected before my new domain is up for proper work.

Actually, I have not bought any web hosting yet so you must already be wondering as to how did I ever buy it. Well, a good blogger named Galwin Lucindo Fabian lend his hand for like a rent or a free stay in his hosting and until I can already decide as to what hosting suits me, then that's the time I'll buy for my own. Tendencies might occur that I'll be buying stuffs in a hurry and without any thinking at all.

Good idea as I can say, I am still at the adjustment period of this so called domain-hosting knowledge.

Now I can't wait for it any more. My main reason why I bought a domain because of Adsense. Yup my previous applications were denied because of some domain ownership issues. Hopefully, by this time I am already given a chance.

Good thing is the blog that I am currently working on for this new domain I bought is gaining traffic. And I would not waste that one by still staying more in a free Wordpress blog. I am already imagining earnings well I know it would only be passive but I am pretty sure I'll be getting some.

My niche is about nursing and just imagine all the nurses out there looking for jobs. Adsense can help them and through their clicks they'll be helping me as well.

So, I am planning to establish my new domain for at least 3 months until I apply back to Adsense.

Chow everyone! God bless!

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Harder To Be A Woman

Posted by germz at 9:07 PM
Saturday, Jan 28, 2011

It's hard being a girl, harder of course being a woman.

Things for me not just nowadays but ever since has been intense and I am doubtingly not sure if I am still be considered to be called a Girl or a Woman.

My room? Uh! So disgusting, disorganized, I am like living with spiders due to the cobwebs all over.
My things? Uh! So messy! I can't even find anything at its proper place. The next thing I see my ballpen would be close to the trash can.
My bed? I think this is a junkbed because I am actually sleeping with my laptop, camera and all other things scattering.

I am already 22 years old, a professional and still I act like a kid with my things just messing around. When will I ever grow up? Well, I do am growing up literally but with my childish laziness and come-what-may attitude, I am just not so right.

So, I looked at my blogs. I almost forgot about this one. I love this because this is my first ever blog made last year but stupid as I am I discarded this because I just can't think of topics to be written here. What I did is made again another few blogs for specific topics. Some are successful especially my recent one and again the other one is starting to fade away its visibility.

Then, I realized I can't do things both or multi- at the same time. How can that be when girls or woman are supposed to be multi-tasking?

The solution for all of this is only a matter of organization and time management. The same goes with my room, I need to be organized and for that to be accomplished I need to manage my time first and spend a particular time for cleaning.

So I start here in my blogs by updating every now and then my three blogs:
  1. Germz of Generality
  2. Travel Premiere
  3. Nurse Germz
Hopefully, through getting a hang of constantly updating all my blogs, I also get a hang of everything in regards with cleaning, work and everything else. As they say, we all start from ourselves.

What do you think?

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