Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black Peacock Feather Earrings

Posted by germz at 5:54 PM

Feather Earrings are not anymore a stranger knocking on our eyes but has already been an acquaintance waiting to be greeted. Hope I am not that late for it is only now have I truly appreciated its beauty and the creativity still with the weirdness part. But I guess it is more of the feather accessories popularity since it does not only limit itself to earrings. It's fame stretches to a feather hair extension, feather necklace, feather headband and we can never tell what else might be available as long as it is feathery now you're in.

But you know what it is just perfect for my asymmetrical hair balancing it by wearing only one at the shorter side of hair.haha Because as I have seen from a couple of Hollywood or our very own stars, they mostly likely wear only one earring, the longer one. Or yet I am going to wear it at the longer side of my hair so to mimic its exposure with a camouflage effect of my hair.haha lols. Whatever. Soon, I'll just give you a shock because the next post may be probably a picture of me wearing this pair of feather earrings.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Real job in a real city

Posted by germz at 1:57 PM
Real job in a real city. Going to an office, hospital, school and a particular working place is the real job in a real city and not staying at home the whole day waiting for the clock to strike at 9pm alarming the "cuckoo cuckoo it's time to work" but still sitting on that exact same chair in my room. That's my job, my online job as a tracking representative of Medex Supply located at Brooklyn, New York. If only it is easy as asking my employer for a working visa and fly online so I can work for them in person then, I would have included it in my resume with a note saying, "I am flexible and can work anywhere and with a visa I can contribute more working in person with you." "If only" but "only" up to google talk, conference chat and online communication is the most possible thing and not the "visa" stuff. *big sigh* Well, I guess that's what real life really is and "ambot sa" real jobs if ever those even exists.

No matter how life unfairly revealed her identity, I am still at one point selflessly trying to be a good friend that soon, she'll discover the purity in my heart and will slowly reveal her good side to me.

And I never expected that soon will be sooner as few minutes a while ago. I had seen another opportunity again, a part time job just perfect to pair up my online jobs and this could be the real job I am looking for. Still not in line with my course but at least within my city. I had some background and it would really be a great opportunity.

Honestly my one intention of this whole real job thing is to have the benefits I need - you know the insurance, health stuffs, the GSIS and SSS.

Hoping for the best. <3
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