Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Harder To Be A Woman

Posted by germz at 9:07 PM
Saturday, Jan 28, 2011

It's hard being a girl, harder of course being a woman.

Things for me not just nowadays but ever since has been intense and I am doubtingly not sure if I am still be considered to be called a Girl or a Woman.

My room? Uh! So disgusting, disorganized, I am like living with spiders due to the cobwebs all over.
My things? Uh! So messy! I can't even find anything at its proper place. The next thing I see my ballpen would be close to the trash can.
My bed? I think this is a junkbed because I am actually sleeping with my laptop, camera and all other things scattering.

I am already 22 years old, a professional and still I act like a kid with my things just messing around. When will I ever grow up? Well, I do am growing up literally but with my childish laziness and come-what-may attitude, I am just not so right.

So, I looked at my blogs. I almost forgot about this one. I love this because this is my first ever blog made last year but stupid as I am I discarded this because I just can't think of topics to be written here. What I did is made again another few blogs for specific topics. Some are successful especially my recent one and again the other one is starting to fade away its visibility.

Then, I realized I can't do things both or multi- at the same time. How can that be when girls or woman are supposed to be multi-tasking?

The solution for all of this is only a matter of organization and time management. The same goes with my room, I need to be organized and for that to be accomplished I need to manage my time first and spend a particular time for cleaning.

So I start here in my blogs by updating every now and then my three blogs:
  1. Germz of Generality
  2. Travel Premiere
  3. Nurse Germz
Hopefully, through getting a hang of constantly updating all my blogs, I also get a hang of everything in regards with cleaning, work and everything else. As they say, we all start from ourselves.

What do you think?


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