Saturday, January 28, 2012

When Godaddy Go Strict!

Posted by germz at 6:37 AM
January 28, 2011

I don't exactly know the feeling when daddies go strict but I think I am already getting a hint of it.

Godaddy just can't understand my need to use coupons to save myself even from a couple of pennies because I have decided to finally buy myself my own domain. Though the ".com" is already on sale like from $12 to $9, I found some coupons from the internet for a bargain of getting it a little lower up to $5, however the problem is Paypal will be eliminated among the choices for payment methods.

It was my first time to buy such so I really did not have any idea on how. I even panic because Paypal is my only way to buy my own domain.

Anyway, I am darn pretty excited with the outcome. As they say, 0-36 hours is expected before my new domain is up for proper work.

Actually, I have not bought any web hosting yet so you must already be wondering as to how did I ever buy it. Well, a good blogger named Galwin Lucindo Fabian lend his hand for like a rent or a free stay in his hosting and until I can already decide as to what hosting suits me, then that's the time I'll buy for my own. Tendencies might occur that I'll be buying stuffs in a hurry and without any thinking at all.

Good idea as I can say, I am still at the adjustment period of this so called domain-hosting knowledge.

Now I can't wait for it any more. My main reason why I bought a domain because of Adsense. Yup my previous applications were denied because of some domain ownership issues. Hopefully, by this time I am already given a chance.

Good thing is the blog that I am currently working on for this new domain I bought is gaining traffic. And I would not waste that one by still staying more in a free Wordpress blog. I am already imagining earnings well I know it would only be passive but I am pretty sure I'll be getting some.

My niche is about nursing and just imagine all the nurses out there looking for jobs. Adsense can help them and through their clicks they'll be helping me as well.

So, I am planning to establish my new domain for at least 3 months until I apply back to Adsense.

Chow everyone! God bless!


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