Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 2: Productive Start of the month of February

Posted by germz at 1:13 PM
Goodmorning and Hello February 1. I should have posted this hours ago or a day ago but I got busy with the articles.

Anyways, I am happy to finally start the month productively. I have finished all the keywords for the day in my online article writing job. The problem is my later's keywords if I still have the energy left since I think I have used up for the last hours of Jan 31 until today.

January was not really a good month for me. I was not able to balance my travel and work resulting to a half salary deduction. Ouch! And so I just imagined right now the stuffs I should have spent for that deduction. Super Sayang.

So as I am about to withdraw my half month salary, I see to it to abstain from all the unnecessary impulsive buys. Let the month of January be my lesson of consequences that every action has its own consequence like just what happened to my work.

Later, I'll be buying stuffs for my room, snacks and no fashion clothes. I promise that. I have already listed the things on my planner hopefully nothing will be added along the way.hihi

So that's all. I need to get rest now.

Goodnight everyone.


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