Tuesday, February 15, 2011

second hand introduction

Posted by germz at 3:06 AM
This is weird but I am supposed to be posting this first just like everyone's blog. Guess I was driven by my id and all that was in my mind the time I created this account was posting, posting and a lot of posting. It really did not matter as to what I am posting as long as there are already blogs posted in these account. Blogging seems to be like a competition for me. Others already have their blogs and then should I.

These always motivate me. Someone is already ahead of me and then should I. But by the time I am almost there, I just stopped. I did not even imagined or weighed the effort I had on getting there. Uhm... This is supposed to be an introduction but I think everything in here is not it. Anyway, the thing here is I am not really into this stuff. Blogging?urgh.. So not me. But then, why am I still doing this. Well, this was not the real plan. My plan was I joined lookbook. And to get more karmas, I need to have a blog where to post it. And I so envy those girls whose karma already reached to thousands.

And then I saw this girl in lookbook. I'll just call her under the name of Case Presentation. Well, I am not really have something against her. In fact, I envy her. We're just in the same country, even in the same province, I guess. Plus, she also has a blog, and it's just been a while and she's so popular wherever she is. She is already featured in a lot of magazines. She even has customers from the showbusiness world. And I so envy her. I always like to be known of what I can do, I do and I am doing. She is a year younger than me and I can say she is already a very successful. If you read this, sorry if I am so envious. Looking at the bright side, this could be an inspiration for me. That success can be grasped by anyone no matter how young are you, poor or whatever.

So back to my topic... I still could not think of any theme for this blog. Or maybe I should just stick to my blogspot title, "Germz of Generality." No theme, all general, everything under the sun. And to be specific all about my life. 

So this is it. Welcome to my blog and to my life. You are just in the first pages of it and I am sure there are still more to come. 


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