Thursday, February 10, 2011

it was; ...and then; "isang tanong; dalawang sagot..." ????

Posted by germz at 6:19 PM

it was last nyt when tm network connection was finally fixed and tm unli was back for use.
it was lyk d happiest time coz we do not have to count the number of txt we sent. everything was just so unlimited.

...and then we're thinking of ways on how to consume it.
...and then we figured something like a game and i named it, "Isang tanong, dalawang sagot." 1 question for the both of us. & we took turns on asking:

G: What's the worst thing you ever did to a girl?(then vice versa) but since J had not done any so I had to rephrase it and changed worst into best....hahah funny.
J: What's the sweetest thing you did for a guy?(vice versa)
G: What's the sweetest thing done for you? 
G: If you are given a chance a to be a pet, what would it be and why?

...and we both had the same answer -> dog

J: (for the finale) Sa imo nahan about me? why man sugot ko nmo? the exact words he used.hehe sweet!

tnx to unli promos & we could keep in touch while not seeing each other. guess that's the essence of having a relationship. it's not always about the times wen we're together. it's how we keep in touch and stay together no matter we're millions away from each other....hehe (pwde na mahimo ug quote?)hehe


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