Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 21: Kim Nana Headband Craze

Posted by germz at 8:14 AM
The thing with Koreans is that they are just damn too cute and we can't help but love and admire them from their heartwarming dramas down to their high-end fashion trend.

I'll start off with the new Korean drama, City Hunter. One word, ecstatic! I love Lee Min Hyu if I spelled it correctly, popularly known as Gu Jun Pyu from his previous drama, F4. Who wouldn't, he looks good for me and is cute. He is cuter in City Hunter than F4.

Next is the leading lady. Though it would be expected that most will hate the girl because of the "caribal" stuff with Lee Min Hyu, I didn't because she is cute too. I mean I like the way she dresses and everything seems to be perfect in her.

Then, last their trends. I haven't posted pics of the guy since I'll be talking more with the girl trend.hehe But anyway just for additional information. City Hunter a.k.a. Lee Min Hyu is I guess the first detective, stunt, action star or whatever to be fashionista at heart as well. You could tell it by the different colors of his jeans.

Now getting to the main topic, the Kim Nana Headband Craze. This headband has been already out before City Hunter even started. The headbands seemed to be weird since instead of wearing it as headband, they wear it like a crown (I don't exactly know how to describe it). But it was just lately when the ribbon effect turned into a craze everytime Kim Nana wears it as a daily accessory paired with her cute pajamas. Just look below.

And because I can't get enough with it by just watching the movie, I've gone to malls just to look for it. Luckily, I've found one. It's not exactly the same with Kim Nana's becasue hers is like a band that really encircles the head. What I found was the typical one well it was just too perfect, almost the exact replica.

After I bought it, I didn't wait to arrive home to finally wear it instead I went straight to the comfort room, opened the plastic and wear it. I even took a pic. Take a look at.

By the time I arrived home, still I was the whole time making poses with the headband.

Just out of the blue, I decided to put our pics together. Well, not to show some similarities because obviously there are none but the Kim Nana Headband Craze.hehe


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