Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 16: I Started My Valentines Day With A Shock

Posted by germz at 3:12 PM
Nah I am just happy for today. For almost 8 days of no new posts here, boy all of you must be worried as to what happen to my 92 days of solo flight plan.

But anyway yup, though I'll be spending this day alone at least a shocking news have lifted my spirits up for Valentines. It is all about my blogging career, everything is getting visible now. Thanks to this first and a year old blog, I was able to get some benefits and advantages. Indeed age does matter.

To give you a clue, you can observe the blank post at the sidebar. Nah, that's my surprise and soon you'll be seeing it.

My real agenda really for today is to go to SM to see for myself the ala Eiffel tower for a touch of "Lovers in Paris" for Valentines. Then, watch the movie "The Vow" afterwards alone. So imagine going to SM which is way far far from my home and I'll gonna travel by myself.

But because of again my overdue articles, at least I have some pretty good excuse to just stay at home. Plus, the news that I just got minutes ago which is something that would really keep me in staying home.

So that's it, I'll be tracing back the days that I have missed on posting and do some "make-up" posts.

Ola Amigas...:-)


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