Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wrap your legs with these Bandage Skirts for sale!

Posted by germz at 9:58 AM
Who says only the wounded ones are able to wrap themselves with bandage? You are thinking twice to wear it, but I know there is a tiny voice within you wanting to wear it too.

These bandage skirts are now back in town ready to victimize a lot of fashionistas. The good thing here is no matter how many victims there will be, I am pretty sure there are enough bandage skirts for everyone.

In case you are not aware but I live in the Philippines. The fashion stuff here is a bit a year or more behind from your country because just a while ago while I was surfing for photos of bandage skirts, I noticed that the photos or articles were are way back from year 2007. Then, what year is it now, 2011, so it means it's a total of 3 years behind.

It is named as a "bandage skirt" because it actually looks like one. It does look like a bandage when wrapped over your legs but just stitched together, obviously. In case you'll ask, it was the French King of Cling, Hervé Léger, who invented it in 1989 (particularly the bandage dress). I guess the bandage skirt was years later invented after bandage dress.

So, I figure out selling some pieces in my online store. And believe it or not, the stocks I have are almost out of stock. Plus, aside from retail, I also have wholesale orders. Right now from the 6 pieces stock I have, there are only 3 remaining left. Then, I have incoming 2pcs of wholesale orders. I am very thankful with such good vibes. Below is a picture of me trying to model my items so to see or picture it out when worn.

There are still other pics actually paired with the rest of my for sale tops too. However, I got lazy to edit the pics and change the background. As you can notice, the edges of me are not that fine. They are not carefully edited. Anyway, if I have my energy again, I will add the rest of the photos.

The price of each bandage skirt is 250php. Visit my online store by the way.


sittie rainie limba on August 28, 2011 at 11:01 PM said...

Ok there you are! thank God I found you! hahaha

hello there.. Am a pinoy blogger too, I just started blogging this june 2011.. I'm looking for pinoy bloggers coz' more of my followers are from abroad.. Am a new follower here, check out my blog and follow me too if you like.. Am a fashion blogger too and I will appreciate if you follow me back! hahaha, I want to see more of your post =)) OLA pinoy bloggers! MAbuhay!

germz on August 30, 2011 at 12:17 AM said...

nice..., just followed u. rami mo nang followers for a short duration since u just started june this year... how'd ya do that? i wud love to hear some tips from you... tnx

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