Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Facebook: The Sims Social Cheat Tips

Posted by germz at 8:43 AM
I am not pretty sure if the title is correct because I will not be talking about cheats here but instead more of the tips.

I admit that a while ago or since yesterday, I have been looking for cheats of getting more energy and simoleons. However, I am stuck in website surveys. You need to finish it first before you can get the download link. Then, I came across with comments and reviews that the link is even fake. On the other hand, I did download the cheat engine and turned out useless because I do not know how it works. Even if there are available instructions, I am still having a hard time figuring out how.

Then, lately while I was currently playing the sims social, I had at some point discover something of how to actually save my energy. You just need the stuffs below for a successful the sims social game experience.

1. Add lots of neighbors - The key in the game is to have lots of neighbors. Why? It is because you can actually save your energy through visiting their houses. Every time you pay a visit, you get i think at most 5 free energy. Plus, after you have used up all free energy, 1 energy will then be added.

2. Visit your neighbors less - I do not really recommend to visit your neighbors more often if (a big if here) you don't have a purpose. The purpose I am talking about here is when you are accomplishing a goal. I'll give some examples.
  • Tinker - When you do the "tinker" (clicking a chair and then do the "tinker"), it uses up your energy. But if you do it in your neighbor's house, it uses up your free energy.
This is just simple. Every act or goal that uses up energy do it in your neighbor's house.

3. Befriend your neighbors - As much as possible, befriend your neighbors so that you can do more stuffs in their house. For the first few visits of your new neighbors, use all free energy with the chatting until you are more than an acquaintance. Anyway, it is more rewarding in the end.

I am still at a point of discovering the sims social app in facebook. But every now and then, I update you with some of my discoveries. If you can notice with this picture below,
I am still considered as a newbie. But I am glad I can help, hopefully. Just keep posted.


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