Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Toys for Girls

Posted by germz at 11:18 AM

You do wanna play some of the boys' big toys, right? Can you name some?

Yes the gadgets... cars... iPad... high-tech stuffs and so on. These indeed are just some of their famous toys. That's why they are very known as "playboys". (playboy - in the Philippines, it's particular to those who are chick magnet. boys who love playing girls = playboy. but this time i'll define it literally for temporary reasons. as in, playboy = boys who play toys.)

How about us, girls? What do you think are we famous of? Ken? Barbie Girl? Sounds fantastic? (now this sounds like a lyrics already. but indeed life is plastic.)

Then, who says we cannot have the same toys as they have? Just look at these super duper lovely thang.
I so wanna have this kind of bike. The vintage look. I can imagine myself wearing a vintage dress while driving this one. All eyes would surely be on me. However, I think I am not fit enough to ride it. I am just too paper thin for this kind of bike. It weighs bigger than me. Plus, I do not know how to drive.=)

How about this?

Sweet! Now, this is the essence of saving. I wouldn't care not eat at all so my money goes for this. (nah, just exaggerating) I still do not know how to drive but I kinda want to enroll myself in a driving school "insigida" by just seeing the picture. This too has a vintage touch with a modern twist. Anyway, this kind of car is a bit affordable than real vintage cars.

making a gif

Now, that is different. It is a pic of me, myself riding on a motorbike with a two tone body color. Where else could you find that? This is actually my boyfriend's. It is a blue and white colored susuki raider model. I just change the body color for a girly touch. I did not imagine for a nice result like that.

Till next time girls... Have Fun and be beautiful always!


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