Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 7: Behind The Facade

Posted by germz at 9:24 AM
My last post was about Unstoppable Shopping hence, this should be entitled The Should-Be Stoppable Window Shopping.

The latter should be stopped or else I'll be spending in one way or another if I still stayed for a few hours in the fitting room. But then I chose Behind The Facade because since it was a holy day, Sunday, I had to be in my most presentable self. But after the one hour Eucharistic Celebration, there I was showing what was behind.

I was actually wearing the UK Flag shorts inside because of course I was wearing a chiffon dress. At least, I can be prepared for a Madonna skirt flying in any circumstances because I was confident with my nice design shorts.

I was again in my itchy Photoshop skill, doing some effort with the pic above.

See the transformation? From Manang to Madam!haha I know! The yellow pancho cover or whatsoever was not a match. Well, the perfect cardigan for that was in the laundry so I had no choice but to settle with that. Mmmmh I could go without it but because it's sheer, I had to.

That should be censored.haha The top was way too much of a sheer.

At least the pic above was the only one that had emphasized the two tone color combination of the sheer top. It was orange and hot pink. It was still nice though. I remember one wedding event had this kind of motif. Cute!

Yeah right, I had been talking all about the top when in fact I did not even buy it. But why did not I even mention about the shorts?

Well, if you like it. I have available stocks in my online shop, Wholesale CDO Hope you'll find time to visit it.

That's it. Now I'm loving Sundays and looking forward to the next.


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