Monday, September 19, 2011


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I blame it to the cold Sunday evening which left me nothing to do but thoughts of a-so-not-me-sort-of-things like reading books which I admit that I am a bit standoffish of such stuffs. It never came to a point in my life craving for such good reads not even in the middle of the night lighting that little lamp and paving my way down to the bookshelf and look for something to read. I more imagined myself heading to the fridge and finding that perfect midnight snack for my movie marathon moments. Or yet just wait for the time when books come into life and are shown in theaters.

And so I had these negative expectations the moment I downloaded the epub copy of the book. From the title itself, everything would surely be an epic fail. But as I turned the first page, one more page, then more pages until I came to realization that there's nothing left anymore. I succeeded! I had finished a book, to stress it more, one book in less a day. Would you believe it?

Epic Fail by Claire LaBeznik is something worth reading played by a typical teen-who-entered-a-strange-rich-world-far-different-from-hers named Elise Benton whose curiosity has been her main best friend as she struggled to adjust with the new school, new place, new weather, of the sons and daughters of celebrity parents and with Derek Eduards, an expected standoffish celebrity son. But things get more easier when her sister, Juliana Benton having Chase Baldwin his boyfriend and best friend with Derek who gave him a perfect grand entrance of "who's this new girl hanging out with the popular." Curiosity then seems to fade away because she did not only get close to such people but befriend them and even more than that. And of course a story like this would be incomplete without the unnecessary evil characters. First in the list is Chelsea Baldwin, a perfect-example-of-a-spoiled-brat who is obviously head over heels with Derek who later shows more of her being the evil sister of Juliana's Prince Chase. Then, the nerd sweet looking nice guy Webster Grant who in the end is nothing but a shallow-hearten guy who is only after the rich parents of whoever girl he come across in school. Thus, made Elise more curious after finding out which would excempt her from the fact that her parents are not rich nor celebrities but still fall trapped a victim.

I don't wanna look or sound a straight A grader summarizing stuffs like this. Well, it's better to read for yourself. Have fun reading because unexpectedly, I did have fun.


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