Monday, August 8, 2011

When exactly is Breast Cancer Month?

Posted by germz at 10:07 AM

Few minutes ago, Facebook welcomed me with a confusing message from a friend. Confusing because the message is quite long and I am not sure if it is really for me but it's something serious. I guess! Then, after reading, it's just another viral message trying to control people for the purpose of breast cancer awareness (the aim of the message as they say). It's another man's show using the social network, Facebook as a medium. I mean what is exactly the connection of a shoe size with the word "inches" beside it to breast cancer? Is it really for the awareness of the people? Or for their curiousness as to what it means? It would be acceptable if it's something pink, with a ribbon as long as any female thing is involved. Plus, are they even sure if August is really the Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Because as I was trying to search for it, Breast Awareness Month will still be this October. I read it from the 2011 National Health Information Center.

Okay then, back to the message. I am not really against it. Indeed, I can say that it's a sign of unity we should be happy about. That even in social networks, people are still doing stuffs to put them together. I still want to be one of them. I just find it hilarious about the shoe size thing because if I am going to follow the steps and type in my shoe size, "9 inches" would be my status. What exactly would other people think about that. I have already in mind, what about yours? Well, it's for you to decide. Let us just see how far this message can go. If it can reach the media just like last year, it was about the bra stuff. So Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


germz on August 8, 2011 at 10:22 AM said...

ah so I get it, October is for Breast Cancer month while August is for Breast Cancer Awareness month. so to speak why there is the word awareness for august para ma aware daan for october...lols

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