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Have you read the news regarding the intention of Google to change Blogger into Google Blogs? Well, I have and this is just one of the their many plans of re-branding or retiring all non-Google brand. So, let us expect that not only Blogger will be changed as well as others including Picasa. But is this really true? Only a few articles are searchable with the same topics and I still have not located the main URL yet for Google Blogs, so I think these are just speculations. I think so. Accordingly, let us find time tracing back the alteration or emergence of Google brand names.

  • Let us start with the word, Google itself how it really emerged and where it came from. Actually, the search engine is initially named as Backrub in 1996. That's when in year 1997 the well-known Google was named and finalized. It was taken from the mathematical term "googol" which is represented by a number followed by a hundred of zeroes. Thus, reflects its current reputation of providing the web infinite amount of information
  • The month of february, year 2003 was the aquisition of great Pyra Labs, the creator of the Blogger
  • Then the following are the names that are changed into Google brand:
    • Froogle to Google Product Search
    • Google Print to Google Book Search
    • Keyhole to Google Earth
    • Personalized Homepage to iGoogle
    • Urchin to Google Analytics
    • JotSpot to Google Sites
  • Then, the Celebration of Blogger held on the month of September that is of nearly the same age with Google. It is just a month from now and another year is about to add for celebration.

So many Google words googling around and to its timeless popularity the term has been most likely used as a daily word for search or look (e.g. "Try Google it in the net."). But for the Blogger, I can't imagine reading Google beside it. What would happen to the blogger users and the changes it could give to everyone. Keep blogging Bloggers!

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