Thursday, August 18, 2011

Standing at a fork in the road

Posted by germz at 7:52 PM
Right now, I am faced with so many works and tasks and still can't decide on what or where to start. So I figure out why not express myself through blog. Anyway, this is how my past time is all about.

For now, I still have my remaining 5 articles to make that is due yesterday and until now, I am still not starting. Then, new stocks for my online store just arrived which means I need to update my online store already. What's more is that "I off myself"-an expression my co-nurse volunteers and I use when deciding to be on off-duty even if not. But hey, I am a bit sick, got colds and a headache so I still have a good excuse.

But at least I can still manage to smile because along with my new stocks is my dress that I will be wearing on my birthday. In fact, I was so busy fitting it with all the matching accessories that I lost track of time again.

For the meantime, I include some of my happenings yesterday in case you'll ask. Honestly, I was broke after I returned home. I bought some materials for duty, for my nursing cap and other necessary stuffs. I also bought
a book that might help me in my article stuffs. I am desperate to learn more about writing because it's one my weaknesses.=) And I almost forgot, I bought curlers for my new hairstyle too. This assymetrica style is so hard to maintain especially when my hair is not rebonded or is wavy.

So I am gonna spill the beans here with my new arrival of stocks. I only have new 3 items. I am gonna start with the vintage madonna tie-up blue crop top.
This fits medium to large and to the small frames, you can just tie it up giving you a loose crop top look.

Next, is the cardigan-like crop top. I love the cloth, it kinda has a knitted texture and very cool to wear. It is best worn with a dress, I think. But not the formal dress of course. I mean the simple plain spaghetti dress for a sporty look.

The last one is a heart design crop top. It is dirty white and is stretchy thus, fits medium to large only. It has bigger size really.=)

Feel free to visit my online store and browse the available items...


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