Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hitting 2 birds with one stone!

Posted by germz at 4:10 AM
"I off myself" (an expression meaning going off duty even if your not) for just one day but when I came back for duty already just a while ago, I was shocked by the sudden changes. First, the ER department was transferred to the bigger room. My co-volunteers jokingly asked if I knew about the transferring of stuffs since it was on the same day of my absence. It was as if I knew the agenda and might be the reason as to why I opted to go off duty to avoid the cleaning tasks. Anyway, at least the room now is bigger however, too spacious that we will be having a hard time checking all the patients every now and then especially in emergency cases.

Then, I knew about the selling of items outside the hospital building. I almost cried to tears (really? just overacting) for not informing me, it would be my moment and chance for my items to be displayed already. At least I have something to spend for this coming hospital anniversary as well as the city fiesta. Well, problem solved because I was given the permission to go home for a while and get my items (whew! big relief.) Then, the funny thing here is when the display has started already. Almost everyone went out to see and check the items. And when I was about to go home, there was an emergency case and I was asked to call the NODs. I really don't know why I was laughing that time while calling the NODs (I think it's because of the excitement.). I was as if the girl who cried wolf because I was laughing when I call them so they thought that I was joking.

So back to my "tindahan" or store, I was able to get back within 45min. Fortunately, I got a very good place with a table and even first among the display, quite an advantage.
Furthermore, there were sponsors giving free drinks and food (a very good timing because I was super thirsty and hungry). After arranging my items then, I went back to duty. My co-volunteer brought a camera with him so we really had the indulgence.

Other than that, there were games, videoke, free lunch. Only a few were there to join and witness the first day of the hospital celebration. But still everyone enjoyed especially the food. Happy 1st day anniversary ya'll.


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