Sunday, August 14, 2011

At The Drop of a Hat!

Posted by germz at 3:06 AM

Question: Are you willing to leave nursing for a while?

Answer: At the drop of a hat.

I am currently a volunteer nurse. I work in a hospital for free so if ever there is an opportunity out there, a job outside the nursing field, I would surely accept it at a drop of a hat. It's just for a while anyway. Now that I have gained a little experience in a hospital setting, I think I am doing a rightful step. At least I did my part and loosing this opportunity might be a great loss for me. So, here's really the exact story.

It was yesterday night while I was sleeping and my phone suddenly rang. Actually, I came from a graveyard duty 11pm-7am. So, I badly needed at least an 8-hour-sleep to regain back my energy because since then, I was having a problem in my sleep pattern. Back to my phone, it rang as I have said. But since I was in the middle of my sleep although in the midst of waking up already, I was too lazy to pick it up. I also thought that it was my bf so perhaps he could understand. However, it rang three times, a sign to pick it up stat. Then, I was just shocked because it was from a voice of a girl in a serious and formal tone and so I remembered my application the time she mentioned the company.

Shocked, speechless... What else would you expect from a sleepy head? Everything seemed to be loading. Until the voice commanded me to note something and eventually the information sank in. On the contrary, everything then seemed to be so fast right after it. Like thinking of my volunteer work and how I will manage my time if ever. Then, I said to myself that I am way too fast and a bit of assuming. It is just an interview and I am already thinking that way. I might just be expecting too high.

Anyway, this might be an opportunity that God wants me to grab. It may be outside my field but it is giving me more benefits than my current volunteer work. I know right?


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