Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 simple steps in giving your photo a Vintage look

Posted by germz at 5:02 AM
Your friend uploaded another photo again at tumblr and surely you're all green with envy. Are you wondering as to why them but not you. Why they have these fab vintage looking photos except yours and how they actually do that? Well, you have just come to the right place. You don't need a Photoshop knowledge here (except that you are going to use it while doing this whole process). You don't need a particular application. What you only need is that you stay where you are and just follow these 3 simple steps. Take note only 3 steps. So, let's start counting and follow these simple instructions.

Below are two photos of a before and after scenario. The left side is the original photo while the right side is the vintage look result.

Now let us see how we can come up with that.

STEP 1: Add a Layer

Open your chosen picture to be edited in your Photoshop, it's type does not really matter whether it's CS5 or whatever. Then, add a layer above your the background picture. Take a look below.

STEP 2: Fill Color

After adding a layer, you fill it with a background color. As you can see with the pics, there is a box at the lower right corner. Double click it and then change the color into any shade of orange, yellow or brown. A darker shade is more recommended.

STEP 3: Change the blending mode and opacity

From the first photo, change the layer blending into soft light. If the color you chose in filling the layer is a dark orange, you can observe that it dominates the picture. That is why, in the second picture, you will try to lessen the opacity until it suits what you want.

Not that hard right? I apologize for the pictures resolution. You can check out my tumbler instead for a clearer view.

Till nextime guys!


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